Values & Principles

In the process of re-vamping our logo we had a chance to clearly define the core values that guide our organizational thinking and actions. We looked at the foundation on which were established, the UFA, then we looked at what we continually talked about in our meetings and where our Executive Director spent her time. Through this process we were able to hone in on what really matters to us and to clearly define our organizational values. The following values, guide all our actions and decision making:

Community – We value the larger Yukon First Nations community that has evolved around the unifying vision for self-determination.

Historic Continuum – We value the path that has taken Yukon First Nations towards self-determination from its early history, through today and into tomorrow.

Personal Connection – We value our personal points of contact with Yukon First Nations people as the access point for resolving the tension that can exist between personnel needs and program criteria.