Baseline Assessment Project

    In 2016, the TPC completed a baseline study of Yukon First Nation self-government employees and their training needs. If you would like a copy of the report or to schedule a presentation, please contact us at

Wayfinder is here! Finally, one source for Yukon First Nations' training and employment! Over the coming months Wayfinder will be populated with career information, training opportunities, funding, resources and jobs - all relevant to Yukon First Nations. If you have a program, event or resource to share, click here to learn how Wayfinder can help you get your word out.

Wayfinder - Helping Yukon First Nations get the skills and jobs you want.

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It is our mission at the Training Policy Committee (TPC) to assist Yukon First Nation People to obtain training that will help them implement their land claims and self-governing agreements and fully participate in the economic opportunities arising from their implementation.

We do this by providing expertise, funding and support, and by promoting training initiatives and approaches that meet Yukon First Nations’ needs. Our work is anchored in tradition and culture, built on innovation, and informed by strong connections with Yukon First Nations.

Training doesn’t just happen in school, in sport, or on the job… Rather than seeing training as an individual life event, we at the TPC see it as parts of a trail, continually being blazed. Each training project we support clears one more section, making it easier to reach our final destination: self-determinacy for Yukon First Nations!

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Download the TPC's "Rebuilding Yukon First Nations Literature Review: Effective Training Areas, Approaches and Techniques"  Here:

TPC Literature Review 2016 TPC Literature Review 2016 (5174 KB)

Download the TPC's 2016-17 Annual Report Here

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Yukon First Nations 101 - ONLINE - Whitehorse, Yukon

Yukon First Nations 101 has been developed to educate students and employees about the culture and history of the First Nations Peoples of the Yukon, the cultural values shared among Yukon First Natio..

12-Oct-2017 to 12-Oct-2017

Best Practices in Disability Case Management – Avoid Pitfalls and Obstacles (Live Webinar)

Description: Disability Case Management and Return to Work Planning can be difficult and filled with obstacles. This session is designed to give you practical tools and tips that will help you navigat..

07-Nov-2017 to 07-Nov-2017

Creativity and the Craft of Leadership 4-Day Course (Banff, AB)

Leadership is about taking initiative, which is—in every sense—a creative act. To excel at any creative act, you must work to master your craft. The craft of leadership is working with..

20-Nov-2017 to 24-Nov-2017

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