Committee Members & Trustees

Committee Members and Trustees are responsible for the leadership, strategic direction and stewardship of the Training Policy Committee (TPC) and the Yukon Indian People’s Training Trust (YIPTT).

There are five TPC members; three appointed by the Council of Yukon First Nations, one by Yukon Government, and one by the Government of Canada.

Meet the Team!

Janet Van Bibber - Chair Council of Yukon First Nations

agunda íchʼe (I am wolf clan)
Shadhęl tsʼän íchʼe (I am from Champagne) Shadhęl
Kwänlin yū nìínje (I live in Whitehorse)
Janet Van Bibber ùúye (My name is Janet Van Bibber)
ä́tsųą shäw umą daklʼaweidí ächʼe na (My Great-Grandmother, who passed away, was dakl'aweidi)

Janet joined the TPC Board in April 2017. She is a trained Social Worker, having finished her Bachelor’s degree at Yukon College in 2016. Prior to that she completed a diploma in Business Administration and held various positions in the Federal Government and at the Council of Yukon First Nations.

Janet comes to the Board with first hand experience training as an adult learner, and as such, is able to offer valuable insights. She is passionate about creating opportunities for Yukon First Nations people to train. When she is not preparing for Board meetings she enjoys being on the land and sharing her love of the land with her nieces and nephews.

 Pearl Callaghan – Council of Yukon First Nations

Pearl Callaghan is a citizen and beneficiary of the Teslin Tlingit Council and belongs to the Daklawedi (Eagle/Killer Whale) Clan of the Tlingit Nation.   She is a mother of three and a grandmother of five.  Pearl practices her culture and heritage and strives to be a positive role model in all areas of her life.

Most of Pearl’s work experience has been for the Yukon First Nation Governments and various boards under the land claim agreements.  She has also worked for the Government of Yukon in the early years of her career.  Pearl has participated as a member on the Yukon Land Use Planning Council and she currently sits on the Dispute Resolution Board.

Pearl graduated from Lethbridge Community College in Renewable Resource Management and completed one year in Business Management from Malaspina College.  In May 2020 she graduated with honours from the Yukon University in the YFN Arts Program.

Pearl works hard for the present and future generations, reflecting on the past mistakes and successes.  She prides herself in being motivated, organized, creative, reliable and flexible, willing to meet the objectives and mandate of what she participates on.

Suzan Davy - Vice Chair | Yukon Government

Government of Canada Representative