The Training Policy Committee (TPC) has been supporting Yukon First
Nation training for a quarter century! TPC Committee Members continue to work hard behind the scenes to get Yukon First Nations the tools and training they want and need. Check out our Annual Reports to see what we've been up to.

What We Do

Our Mission is to support capacity-building initiatives that develop knowledge, capabilities and skills to enable (directly or indirectly) the implementation of Yukon First Nations’ Final Agreements and Self-Government Agreements.

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We do this by:
·  Providing funding support to training initiatives as determined by First Nations;
·  Initiating, championing, and coordinating capacity-building initiatives; and
·  Building a cache of knowledge, expertise, and resources to support First Nations to develop capabilities and skills


Yukon First Nations citizens and
governments have achieved their self-government goals.

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The TPC is future-oriented and values respect, openness, accountability, and collaboration.

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The mandates for the TPC and the Yukon Indian Peoples' Training Trust are outlined in chapter 28 of the Umbrella Final Agreement.

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Track TPC's History

The TPC has been supporting Yukon First Nation training for over two decades. We are developing an interactive timeline to map its evolution. COMING SOON...

Meet the Committee!

Meet the Committee Members working hard behind the scenes to make training happen for Yukon First Nations people.

TPC Annual Reports

Our annual reports provide an overview of our activities, the projects funded through the Training Trust, and our financial statements.